BigHit Seasonal Auditions

Have you heard of this company called BigHit? No? Then maybe you’ve heard of their idol group BTS or TXT? They’re a little niche, so you may not have heard of them.

Okay, all jokes aside, BigHit is opening auditions to search for new talent! While not everyone is eligible for auditions, we do wish luck to everyone who


  • Male, born in 1999 or later
  • Performance Category: Vocal, Rap, Dance, Acting, Modeling

The auditions will be held in LA, Seoul, and Tokyo. There are four dates in total. So if you can’t make it for this season, you can always try out for the next one!

Dates (LA):

  • LA:
    • April 27th
    • June 29th
    • September 28th
    • December 14th
  • Seoul:
    • April 28th
    • June 30th
    • September 29th
    • December 29th
  • Tokyo:
    • April 13th
    • June 15th
    • September 14th
    • December 7th

More details on how to apply can be found here.