BTS Boy with Luv + Persona

So, it happened. BTS finally dropped another album and MV!

It’s their 6th mini-album to date and though some people have commented that it doesn’t have that “BTS Sound” anymore I would say that that’s not entirely correct. These kind of comments tend to pop up whenever there’s a new song and all that it means is that BTS are growing and exploring.

The songs do have a distinct western sound to it, but it works wonderfully with BTS’ voices. You can definitely still hear that the “BTS Sound” is there.

Map of the Soul: Persona is a very chill album full of happy undertones that lift you up with each song.

And Halsey fit in perfectly with the whole vibe, both melodically and visually. Her vocals seem to be a little more prominent in the album version. But what do you think? Do you prefer the MV version of Boy With Luv or the album version?

What song was your favorite? How many times did you listen to the album?

Personally, I’m on the fifth listen of the album and this might just be my whole day. But having BTS as your soundtrack definitely makes things more fun!

Watch the MV here: Boy with Luv MV

Order yours here if you haven't pre-ordered yet: BTS Persona Album