BTS - What I Would Not Waiver

Author’s note: [Hello everyone. I wrote this essay a few months ago in my Junior year of high school. I am now an incoming Senior. My teacher had us write about something we would not waiver. This was my last essay of the year so I decided to write in on my loves. BTS. I do hope you enjoy.]

   For me “What I would not waiver” would be my favorite K-pop group ever  BTS. BTS is a 7 member South Korean group from Bighit Entertainment. Their music varies from a mixture of genres. Everything from hip hop to moombahton. What appeals to me about BTS is that they are more than just their looks and aesthetic music videos. They write songs about real world issues and help youth through their lyrics. Most music today is very derogatory and all about typical love stories. But BTS is different. They break the boundaries of music and even though their songs are in Korean you can feel their meaningful lyrics just by listening. No subtitles needed to know how much they love their fans and how much they care about their family, friends, and the rest of the world. Seeing BTS come from such a poor entertainment company in South Korea to being one of the biggest and most successful K-pop groups in history to do well internationally just goes to show that even when you start from the bottom you can make it to the top.

    In March 2017 I was blessed enough to go to two BTS concerts in New Jersey. It was honestly such an amazing experience. One of my favorite BTS albums is called “Hyyh” (Hwayang-yeonhwa) which means “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.” For me, the “Hyyh” (Hwayang-yeonhwa)  of my life was definitely going to see them in concert. When I discovered BTS I did not expect to be sucked into this colorful black hole they have thrown me in. I think the reason why BTS means so much to me and why I would not waiver them is because every day since I have discovered them I have been filled with more joy than I ever have in my entire life. Every morning I look forward to checking my twitter account and seeing the boys post from when I was asleep. Every day I listen to their music and the euphoric ambiance of their beats fill me with ecstatic delight. And when I see BTS being recognized by other people big or small I feel like a proud mom. This connection is like no other. BTS and A.R.M.Y (  BTS Fan name) are like family. We have this special bond with the boys that is unbreakable. We’ve watched the boys go through hard times and as we go through hard times they cheer us up with their music. So we cheer them up by always supporting them. That is why I wouldn’t waiver BTS. They mean the world to me and I just couldn’t imagine my life without them.

End note: [ I turned my essay into a little tribute video for BTS 4th year anniversary. It is a bit emotional and shows their journey through these past 4 years.Grab some tissues and enjoy.]