Daniel Kang's Manager Stripped of His Membership from the Korean Management Federation

If you’ve never heard of the Korean Management Federation, then you might be wondering what it is. KMF is a union of about 300 managers from various entertainment companies, which includes the Big 3. 

The KMF have responded to reports that Daniel Kang’s manager has been stripped of his membership within the union. 

It was stated that Daniel’s manager had been informed of what KMF planned to do and he accepted it. Daniel has said before that all his staff are loyal to him and it seems like his trust hasn’t been misplaced as his manager has stuck with him through this. 

There are some speculations that the KMF are doing this as a way to show that they are siding with LM Entertainment over their continued (and so far unsuccessful) attempts to sue Daniel, even though it has been determined that LM are the ones in the wrong here. 

Daniel has gone through a lot and he continues to bravely move forward despite the roadblocks in his way, which is incredibly admirable. 

But what do you think of the whole situation?