GOT7's Jackson Wins Defamation Lawsuit Against Anti

Between May to June 2018 a Weibo user Zhang __ Xuan (username now changed) had posted several defamatory and libelous posts regarding Jackson Wang. The posts were malicious, filled with profanities and very obviously meant to attack Jackson’s character.

To protect himself and his image, Jackson hired Beijing Xiangquan Law Firm to file a lawsuit against Zhang __ Xuan.

The case was ruled in Jackson’s favor and Zhang __ Xuan was ordered to post a written apology on all of her accounts related to the incident as well as pay 60,000 CNY (~9,000 USD) as compensation.

According to his law firm, Jackson will be donating the money to a charity.

What do you think? Should more idols sue anti’s who are genuinely trying to damage their image or was a lawsuit a bit too much?