HNB Name the Band

Have you ever wanted to name a KPop group? Well, now you can! Kind of.

MyMusicTaste has joined up with HNB to let fans pick the name for a new boy group and if you want to participate, all you have to do is to fill out this form here.

Not only do you get to vote to pick the name, but you can also become of the 10 people to win exclusive White Day Polaroid photos. Winners will be announced not long after the survey ends (March 25th) via HNB's SNS.

The options are:

  • The Thing (더씽) - 'Something Unknown But Has An Existence’. These boys may not be huge right now, but they are determined to grow to become K-pop artists with a tremendous presence to represent Korea. With their fans’ love and support, they will be able to achieve it.
  • J1GG (제이원지지) - ‘Just One Gorgeous Goal’. The name signifies that the fans and artist have one common goal and they will work as one to achieve it.
  • Be Be (베베) - 'Baby Born to Be a Singer'. This name means boys born to become singers with the help of many fans. It's a group name that also means that the boys will protect their fans from now on.
  • D1CE (디원스) - 'DICE + The Once, Leader'. Dice is related to the visual concept of these boys. D1CE also has the same pronunciation as "The Once," which means first, the group name means to become the first and foremost player in the music industry.
  • IVI (아이브이아이) - 'Number 1 to 6 of dice'. The name represents numbers on dice. It is associated with the band’s visual concept and combines 5 members + fans.
  • VP (브이피) - 'Variable Perfect'. This name signifies that since the boys worked hard to prepare for their debut, they will be perfect in many ways as well as in their respective positions. This is a group name meaning that they will grow up to perfection thanks to the fans who have sent them their love and support.

Did you vote? What’s your favorite option?