How K-POP Fans Prepare for Hurricane Irma

[Author's note: The content in this is from Orlando ARMY members. We are currently preparing for Hurricane Irma. To keep calm and a little light hearted in the midst of Irma we have been packing our “important items” to keep in good spirits. Aka our k-pop merch! I also made a Hurricane Irma playlist to relax me during the storm. Enjoy!]


[Packing our bags just in case we have to evacuate.]




[@bytgm (lol me) made a hurricane Irma playlist. All the songs relate to how I feel about the hurricane. I forgot to add TT but I really should because Irma makes me and a lot of other people feel like TT.]


Last but not least.

To those who are being affected by Hurricane Irma we wish you all the best. Stay Safe everyone.- Sincerely Orlando ARMY’s

Written by: @bytgm

Content from: @orlandoarmys