LM Entertainment Intend to Continue Their Court Case Against Daniel Kang

Back in May, Daniel Kang won his legal battle against LM Entertainment where it was determined that LM Entertainment were in violation of their contract terms with Daniel, thus making it void. 

But it doesn’t seem like LM Entertainment are willing to let this go. LM Entertainment continues their claims that they are not at fault for their dispute with Daniel and they did not violate the contract between the two parties in any way. 

LM claims that they have found new evidence that will “shed light on the truth” and prove their version of the truth.

On July 11th, their appeal was rejected, but LM Entertainment intends to take this to the high court with some “new evidence.”

Will they be successful? It seems doubtful, but what do you think? 

Are LM Entertainment just pointlessly harassing Daniel Kang with court cases at this point or do you think they actually have something?