My Neighbour, Bangtan Boys


Kim Minji

She seems just like any other girl. An 18-years old high school girl with a cute face, and bubbly+clumsy personalities. However, no one knows the dark secret hidden behind her bright appearances. She lives alone, peacefully all by herself in a small apartment located in a secluded neighborhood until seven guys move into the house next to hers.


Bangtan Boys aka BTS 

The uprising K-pop boyband, in both South Korea and worldwide. A group of seven dorky, humble guys. All of them have their own personalities. They started from the bottom, and able to achieve all the fame with their hard work. However, a sasaeng incident caused them to move to a new place and led to a meeting with the lonely girl next door.


Meeting you was fate,

becoming your friend was a choice, 

but falling in love with you was beyond my control.


Written by: @kimhani29