Politician Calls for Suspected "Produce X 101" Voter Rigging to be Investigated

Ha Taekyung — a politician also known for suggesting that BTS be exempt from military service — has made a post calling Mnet and Produce X 101 for what seems to be a very lazy attempt to rig the show. 

He claimed that the mathematical chance of the votes appearing as they have is highly improbable. He asked around with the mathematicians he knew and they all concluded that the numbers for the end voting results were almost certainly impossible to get naturally. 

Ha Taekyung alleges that the votes may have all been prepared beforehand, but it’s unclear if the rigging affected the actual ranking or if the numbers were inflated to make the show seem more popular. 

Fans have put a lot of money into campaigning for their favorites and to rig the votes like this (especially in such a blatantly obvious way) is not only very disrespectful to them, but it might be seen as fraud.