Produce X 101 Vote Rigging to be Investigated

Produce X 101 Vote Rigging to be Investigated

After the accusations of vote-rigging in the finale of Produce X 101 due to math that didn’t make sense and the controversy that followed, a statement was made with the explanation for how it happened. It was stated that there was some error within the process of calculating the votes, though it didn’t affect the ranking itself. 

However, this initial statement was met with a lot of backlash, which prompted Mnet to release a new statement. 

They stated that there has been an internal investigation, but the facts couldn’t be fully verified. Which is why Mnet has submitted a request for investigation to an investigative agency. Mnet states that they will cooperate with the investigation fully. 

It’s great that they’re taking this step, but there are more than a few skeptics out there. What are the guarantees that this investigation will truly be objective? There are doubts that a local agency can remain impartial when it comes to investigating something like this.