Sasaeng Calls Jungkook During His V-Live

Sasaengs are an issue in every fandom and they’re always a hard thing to deal with. They are someone who enjoys the attention of the idol — whether it’s positive or negative it doesn’t matter to them.

On June 16th (17th KST), Jungkook did a very chill V Live by himself where he drank wine and talked to fans. But at one point during the live he got a call. BTS are not known for calling sasaengs fans out, but this time Jungkook took a moment to say that he was receiving a lot of calls like this and that he was blocking them all.

Jungkook handled the situation in a very calm and composed manner, but it’s sad to know that he has to deal with something like this at all.

What are your opinions on sasaengs? Do you think there’s any way to stop them or maybe some way to prevent fans from becoming sasaengs in the first place?