Students Boycott YG Artist Performances in Relation to Burning Sun Scandal

Due to the ongoing events and investigation centering around the Burning Sun and Seungri’s involvement in the scandal and the ties to YG Entertainment — no matter how much YG tried to distance themselves from things — people aren’t happy, to say the least.

And because of this, YG artists are being boycotted. People don’t want to support an agency that is — directly or indirectly — involved in something like this.

Since the first boycott where Myongji University students filed a complaint to their student government about iKON performing at their campus festival, more universities have joined.

On May 20th, Hanyang University students filed a complaint with their own student government about WINNER making an appearance at their campus festival.

More universities may join, but we’ll have to wait and see.

What do you guys think? Is it fair to all the other artists that they’re being boycotted due to something they weren’t involved in?

Should YG Entertainment try to do something that would help their other artists or do you think anything they do try would just make things worse?