Top 10 Idol Songs That Talk About Their Struggles

We all know that despite the glitz and glamor of the idol life, it’s not an easy one. Their crazy schedules keep them busy throughout the year and though some people forget, idols are human too.

Here are our top ten idol songs that talk about the struggles they face in their lives (in no particular order!):

  1. Stray Kids - Hellevator
  2. B.A.P (Yongguk & Zelo) - 주소서 (Pray)
  3. Tiffany Young - Not Barbie
  4. SEVENTEEN - Still Lonely (이놈의 인기)
  5. NCT 127 - 내 Van (My Van)
  6. 후이(HUI) & 키노(KINO) - 'The Greatest Wall'
  7. Hyolyn - 내일할래(To Do List)
  8. Agust D - 140503 새벽에 (140503 At Dawn)
  9. Lee Hi - Breathe (한숨)
  10. Strawberry Milk - Please Let Me Know

What other songs do you know that touch on the topic? What was a song that touched you the most personally? It can be a song that isn’t on this list!