TXT Announce their official fandom name, but it comes with an issue...

On April 25th, TOMORROW x TOGETHER announced their official fandom name. The fandom is now called 영원 or “Young One” which also means "forever" in Korean. It’s a lovely name for the fans, but here’s where the issue comes in.

Way back in September during her “Asia Fan Meeting Tour”, Tiffany announced her fandom name, “Young Ones”.

The overlap in fandom names could be accidental and completely unintended. But some fans believe that BigHit should have done some research to make sure the name wasn’t used by anyone else.

Some are calling for TXT’s fandom name to be changed. But what do you think? Should they or is this kind of overlap okay in your eyes?

If they were to change their fandom name, then what do you think it should be?