TXT Debut Album The Dream Chapter: Star

BigHit’s newest group, TxT have a confirmed debut date! TOMORROW x TOGETHER’s debut album “The Dream Chapter: Star” will be released on March 4th.

We will finally get to see what Yeonjun, Soobin, Hueningkai, Taehyun, and Beomgyu have in store for us!

As of today, the album is available for pre-order, which you can get here.


  • There will only be one version of the album
  • Photobook: 148x185x7 (mm) / 80 pages / 1CD
  • Photocard Version A: 1 random out of 5 versions + Photocard paper fame
  • Photocard Version B: 1 random out of 5 versions + 1 Keychain ring
  • Transparent group photocard
  • 2 versions of sticker packs
  • 1 Poster (for Initials) / 600x300 (mm)