TXT To Get a New Fandom Name

Last month TOMORROW x TOGETHER announced their fan club name. As soon as it was announced, it came out that the fan club name was already in use by another artist.

BigHit have released an apology to the fans, explaining that the name chosen for TXT’s fandom was already taken until after it was announced. They apologized to anyone affected by their mistake and have announced that they will be taking suggestions from the fans for a new fandom name.

So if you want to give your suggestion, here’s your chance!

The guidelines state that there will be only one submission per person, so make sure to submit something you really like.

Submissions are open until May 12th, 11:59:59 PM (KST, GMT +9).

If you want to send in your submission, you can learn how to do that right here.

Good luck to everyone who decides to try!