What exactly is Burning Sun Gate?

No one could have predicted that a seemingly simple case of assault in the club Burning Sun would open up the floodgates to something much bigger. What is now known as “Burning Sun Gate” has become a scandal involving assault, possible drug use, a prostitution ring, hidden cam footage and more.

Soompi made a comprehensive list of all the events that transpired since the start of the scandal and all the key players that have come up during the investigation so far. The list will be updated as the case continues and it’s worth checking out to get a better feel for what’s going on.

It’s shocking to see how much has been happening behind closed doors. Some arrests have been made already and for anyone following the case, it should be interesting to see what happens next.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think there will be more shocking revelations as the investigation continues?

If you are/were a fan of Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Yong Junhyung, Choi Jong Hoon or Lee Jong Hyun, what do you think of their involvment in this case?