What's going on with MONSTA X Concert Tickets?

Whether you’re aware or not, right now MONSTA X are in the middle of a world tour. What should be a fun and exciting time for both MX and Monbebe’s is instead a time filled with anxiety and worries for certain fans.

On June 27th, emails were sent out to all the fans who bought ULT VIP tickets for London with revised terms stating that only the first 200 people would be getting all the benefits they paid for. 

“All other Ultimate VIP Standing fans will receive an official tour poster, but with no artists’ autograph.” 

On June 28th, another email was sent out confirming that “due to a programming error” they oversold ULT VIP tickets and that the number of fans who can participate in the experience will have to be reduced. 

This has effectively turned into a raffle and with this email, fans will find out if they’re one of the lucky 200. Anyone who doesn’t get it, will be getting a partial refund and be moved to GA. 

This whole situation is a mess and it’s hard to believe that something like that happened due to some error. But what do you think?